Welcome to the SPHL

We at the SPHL hold the idea that hockey should be available to anyone who is interested in playing.
To provide a wholesome hockey experience not only for the players participating, but also for the coaches, managers, league officials and parents.
Sportsmanship, fair play, good citizenship, friendly competition, enjoyment and full participation for all team members shall be our highest priorities.
2018 Play Off Champions
Registration for 2018/2019
Congradulations to Christopher Groulx 2018 David Bushey Memorial Winner
2018 Bantam Bursary Winner Hannah Gascon with Bantam Rep Corey Houle
Congradulations to our 2018 Graduating Bantam's
League Sanctioned Events (Games, Tournaments, Practices)
All issues and concerns must be dealt with in a spirit of shared mutual respect within one week of incident occurrence. As per governing sections of the SPHL Constitution and unless otherwise specified, the procedure for resolving Issues and Concerns in any SPHL event is to take the issue or concern through the following levels in order:

  1. 24 hour cool off period
  2. Head Coach
  3. Playground president
  4. SPHL Secretary for filing of a formal complaint
Police Cup 2018.
Greater Sudbury Police chief Paul Pedersen drops the puck on the opening ceremonies of the ninth annual Police Cup hockey tournament on Friday. Taking part in the faceoff is Zack Guthrie of Long Lake and Alex Reynolds of Cedar Park
Some room in novice
All other Divisions are full

Schedule to be posted soon
The SPHL is looking for a small group of junior officials. We are currently looking for 12 15 individuals that are interested in becoming ice hockey officials. We will be providing a free training session ($400 value) Friday September 28th at Countryside Arena #1 from 6:30pm 10pm. This training will include 2 hours of in class training and 1.5 hours of on ice training. If you are interested please email Tom Morrier morriert@gmail.com or text 707-562-9267.
Spaces are limited and on a first come first server basis. After completing the training you will be able to officiate SPHL games and be paid to do so. It is important to note that after you complete this training you will not be a certified official but you will be able to officiate SPHL hockey games.